Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cupcake Love

Like most girls I have a sweet tooth and these days I have been craving cupcakes and muffins, so with this idea in mind I made a miniseries of Cupcake Love Brooches:

Each one is a little different, first up is a purple cupcake brooch with caramel sprinkles and blackberry filling decorated with a purple flower button and a purple bow:

Second up is the pink cupcake brooch with strawberry filling and sprinkles, decorated with a flower button and a cream bow:

Last, but not least (this one being my personal favorite) is the turquoise cupcake brooch with blue sprinkles on and decorated with a turquoise bow:

They can be all found in my shop. Here they are again in a bunch:

Do you have a soft spot for sweets? And which one is your favorite?

Have a sweet day,

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