Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Pincushions

In search of something to do I stumbled upon some bottle caps I have put away with the purpose to make little pincushions out of them. And so I did.
This winter if you remember I posted some mini pincushions on my blog and I also added the link where you can find the how-to for this little project. If you didn`t get the chance to read it or in case you did, but want to revisit it, click

This time I used warm, summer-like colors:

On the first one bright red and brown and decorated the sides and top with flowery embroidery:

A closer look at the top embroidery:

On the second one I used yellow and brown and decorated the sides with yellow beads and bow:

Picture from the front:

Have you tried out the tutorial? Post a link or a picture of how your pincushion turned out!
If you`re not the craftiest fox and don`t have the patience for it but still like to have your own pay a visit to my shop and buy one.

Craft up! :P


  1. omg, you are an incredible crafter!! I saw your stuff on WeHeartIt & came to your site!! LOVEE!! :)

  2. Thank you so much! :D It`s nice to be appreciated ^o^


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