Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Cameos

I love making felt cameo-like brooches, so even though the ones in the shop haven`t sold yet I made two more just for fun.
The first one is a new addition to the
Cupcake Love Brooch Series , this one being a yellow cupcake with lemon sprinkles and vanilla filling decorated with a white bow:

The second one is one of a kind, made by improvising on a blank cameo shape. It became a purple flower bouquet decorated with flower shaped buttons and a matching bow:

They will be available very soon in my shop, so keep an eye out for them!
I also wanted to thank you for reading my blog and following my little creations, these days The Craft Desk Facebook page reached 50 fans and I am so grateful and happy to see that people are interested in what I`m doing! Thank you so much!!!
Please feel free to write comments here or on the Facebook page, I would love to read your feedback and opinions about my work.

Looking forward to hearing for you!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Simple bows

Having a lot of spare time these days and since the weather isn`t playing nice I`ve been busy with the glue-gun again. This time I made two little bows, simple ones, one white and one black.
The perfect accessories for any outfit, simple and elegant!
You can already find them in
my shop, where you also find more pictures.

The white bow is attached to a hair-clip,
but can be also worn as a brooch:

The black one is glued to a headband
and it`s decorated with a vintage-feel button:

These items can be reproduced in any color and size.

So don`t hesitate to ask!

Have a nice day,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Brooches

Hey everyone, first of I want to say sorry for the weeks of silence, but as hard as it was it was totally worth it: I had my last exam yesterday and as the rest of them went great :D so I`m done! Yay! Now I can relax, take it easy and return to doing my little crafty creations and sharing them with all of you guys!

I already have something new to show you, they are a little different than what I`ve done before, but for me that`s why I love them. I`m talking about two new brooches done with the same technique and that were made using my new glue-gun (still super excited about that btw :P).

So here is the first one, a red fluffy brooch:

It has a textile covered button in the center with a heart on it:

The second one is a turquoise fluffy brooch:

This one has a textile covered button in the center as well, but with different texture:

Both of these are unique and cannot be reproduced, only partially.

Can be found in my shop for 4 € (= 15 Ron)/piece, where you can also see more photos.

Have a sunny day,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cute as a Button

Finally I got around to testing out my new glue gun that I got for my birthday! And of course that the first project on my to-do list was something I`ve been wanting to try out for so long, but couldn`t without a glue gun.

It`s very easy and it takes about 2 minutes ;)) but it`s still handmade, so you ready? Button Earrings!

I am just crazy about buttons, I collect them and I always think twice before I use one of them, because I love them so much. Anyways, this was definitely worth using them for :

Above you can see a set of earring made from a couple of orange heart shaped buttons, and below the are some made from flower shaped buttons in different colors, like red:

And green:


And purple:

They are soo easy to make: just take a blank earring post, add a little glue and place the button. Hold it together a few second and then let the glue dry. Ta-dam: new earrings!

If you`re not the crafty type and rather buy one, I`ve put a few in my shop for you guys, just click here!
They are less than 2 € (= 7 Ron) a pair.

Button Up! ;)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

T-shirt Refashion

I haven`t been up too much craftiness lately, because of having so much to learn, but I have done some cleaning in my closet (way more fun than learning :P) and found an old cute T-shirt so I decided to pimp it out a little to make it cuter!

Then I decided to make photos of the process and post a little how-to here:

This is the before photo of the T-shirt, cute, but a little washed out:

My main idea was to sew some buttons for eyes and crochet a cute little bow as a necktie. The supplies I used are shown in the image below (2 pink heart-shaped buttons, needle, thread, crochet hook and some yarn in the same color as the buttons):

So first up, I placed the buttons to see the position I`d like them in the most and then I sew them on, easy as one, two:

Next up, I started crocheting the little bow using the tutorial I linked in my previous post and then sew that on the T-shirt too:

Here is the final result, I know it`s not much, but I like it (after all it only took about 15 minutes to do) :

And a close-up:

Hope you liked my post and perhaps you got inspired by it and already started refashioning one of your T-shirts! If you did please leave a link or a photo, I would love to see what you acme up with!

I`m off to study... Have a sunny day!
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