Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Cameos

I love making felt cameo-like brooches, so even though the ones in the shop haven`t sold yet I made two more just for fun.
The first one is a new addition to the
Cupcake Love Brooch Series , this one being a yellow cupcake with lemon sprinkles and vanilla filling decorated with a white bow:

The second one is one of a kind, made by improvising on a blank cameo shape. It became a purple flower bouquet decorated with flower shaped buttons and a matching bow:

They will be available very soon in my shop, so keep an eye out for them!
I also wanted to thank you for reading my blog and following my little creations, these days The Craft Desk Facebook page reached 50 fans and I am so grateful and happy to see that people are interested in what I`m doing! Thank you so much!!!
Please feel free to write comments here or on the Facebook page, I would love to read your feedback and opinions about my work.

Looking forward to hearing for you!


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