Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Brooches

Hey everyone, first of I want to say sorry for the weeks of silence, but as hard as it was it was totally worth it: I had my last exam yesterday and as the rest of them went great :D so I`m done! Yay! Now I can relax, take it easy and return to doing my little crafty creations and sharing them with all of you guys!

I already have something new to show you, they are a little different than what I`ve done before, but for me that`s why I love them. I`m talking about two new brooches done with the same technique and that were made using my new glue-gun (still super excited about that btw :P).

So here is the first one, a red fluffy brooch:

It has a textile covered button in the center with a heart on it:

The second one is a turquoise fluffy brooch:

This one has a textile covered button in the center as well, but with different texture:

Both of these are unique and cannot be reproduced, only partially.

Can be found in my shop for 4 € (= 15 Ron)/piece, where you can also see more photos.

Have a sunny day,

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