Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cute as a Button

Finally I got around to testing out my new glue gun that I got for my birthday! And of course that the first project on my to-do list was something I`ve been wanting to try out for so long, but couldn`t without a glue gun.

It`s very easy and it takes about 2 minutes ;)) but it`s still handmade, so you ready? Button Earrings!

I am just crazy about buttons, I collect them and I always think twice before I use one of them, because I love them so much. Anyways, this was definitely worth using them for :

Above you can see a set of earring made from a couple of orange heart shaped buttons, and below the are some made from flower shaped buttons in different colors, like red:

And green:


And purple:

They are soo easy to make: just take a blank earring post, add a little glue and place the button. Hold it together a few second and then let the glue dry. Ta-dam: new earrings!

If you`re not the crafty type and rather buy one, I`ve put a few in my shop for you guys, just click here!
They are less than 2 € (= 7 Ron) a pair.

Button Up! ;)

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