Sunday, July 3, 2011

Funky Feathers

Today I`ll show you some new earrings that I made, I had this idea for a long time now, but only now did I get to it :P
Feathers have made their way into fashion by being hip and cool, so here is my version of feather accessories, from felt of course!
A photo of them all mixed up together:

The first earring pair is made from turquoise and brown felt decorated with turquoise buttons:

The second one is a burgundy and hot pink/fuchsia combination, decorated with pale pink buttons:

The third is a red and burgundy color combo with red buttons:

And the last pair, similar to the second one, is made from burgundy and purple felt and it`s decorated with pale pink buttons:

I`ve tried to combine a neutral color with a bold one, to give a splash of color and yet keep it easy to accessorize them with any outfit. What do you think, did they come out that way?
Would you wear them proudly? I sure did, tried out the turquoise one yesterday and got a lot of compliments on it! If you want one, go to
my shop where you can get a pair for 4 € (= 15 Ron).

Have a wonderful week,

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