Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pretty Paisleys

I have been a fan of the paisley pattern for several years now and when I gathered my scrap materials trying to make some good use of them these were the shapes that took form:

First up is a green, brown and turquoise combination decorated with embroidery:

Then a lime,brown and green combo with the same decoration:

And last, but not least the black, purple and gray color-combo embroidered with black and purple yarn for decoration:

My only problem is, that I can`t figure out what to use them for... Brooches? Or maybe pendants for necklaces?!
What do you think, how would you wear them?

Please help!

On other news, I had my first real job interview today and it went GREAT! Really hope I`ll get the job, so keep your fingers crossed!


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