Saturday, August 20, 2011

Matyo Brooches

Earlier this spring I wrote a post about folk art inspiration and made some earrings following motifs and color combination inspired by these. Today I`m extending this Folk Art collection with some brooches that resemble and evoke the Hungarian Matyo embroidery motifs. I used the traditional red color and combined it with a black background so the forms would stand out more in the following three types of flower brooches:

It was a challenge drawing and cutting the shapes, because they are so symmetrical, but it was also a rewarding experience to take something from the history of my people and redesign it into a modern day accessory :

The brooches can be found in my shop here, follow the link to see more photos or if you wish to buy one. The brooches are in the traditional red color, but at request that can be changed!



  1. Szia Enci!
    Annyi szeretem a matyó motívumokat! Nagyon jól néznek ki!
    Írtam egy emailt a yahoos címedre, remélem, megkaptad. (:
    Minden jót!

  2. Hello,
    Orulok, hogy teccenek. Megkaptam a leveled es mar valaszoltam is ra ;)


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