Friday, September 10, 2010

Flowers in the meadow

"Oh, this field has many beautiful flowers.
Peter, try to smile, not glower.
Donny don't talk so sour,
Katie don't burp with such power.

Oh, this field has many beautiful flowers.
All the children looked at the sky.
Watching something fly.
The rest ... the rest has passed me by."

Kistehén Tánczenekar - Virágok a réten

This is such a sweet and happy song from this Hungarian band. They draw on influences from Gypsy, Balkan, and Eastern European folk music, as well as ska, reggae, rock, hip-hop, and even African music.
This remix of "Virágok a Réten" (Flowers in the Meadow) was produced in collaboration with the popular Hungarian Gypsy Band, Romano Drom. The children of members of both bands join in on the chorous, which has silly, kid-friendly lyrics.

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